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LADY MUSIC MAKERS is a zine based out of New York's Capital Region. Issue #2 is in the works currently.

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15 February 12

The Flywheel: an awesome all ages venue (sorta) nearby

┬áThis past Sunday evening a few of us packed into a car and headed over to Easthampton, Massachusetts, where an all ages music and art space exists called The Flywheel. —Here is a link to their website:

A little bit about the space before the details of the fun show we went to - The Flywheel is an non-profit all ages community space totally run by volunteers. Lots of awesome bands have played there, and they also have events including art shows, theater and performance art, poetry, film showings, and it looks like they have even had a haunted house before! They also have a great zine library, and we left a Lady Music Maker zine in there. It is in an old building that looks like it used to be a city hall. If you are headed there from the capital region, it takes about an hour and a half.

This past Sunday we went to see a music show - We got to see Brilliant Colors, Potty Mouth, Speedy Ortiz, and Baby Barnyard. All of these bands are female fronted and it was really inspiring to see that!

Baby Barnyard - Very dreamy sad music to sway to - something to enjoy on a quiet day - Their music is only available online - Click here for their bandcamp

Speedy Ortiz - Excellent intensely driving music - They did some interesting guitar work - definitely felt a similar 90s feeling to the one that I get when listening to Dinosaur Jr. or dirtier Sonic Youth - and they had a sweet shirt for sale that has a dog and a turtle on it hanging out. They also only have their music up on bandcamp - Click here for it

Potty Mouth - Fun rock music inspired by 70s punk and riot grrl - One of the members is from the capital region! They got their name from a Bratmobile album. They have tapes for sale, and also some pillow cases with a sweet pup screen printed on them, which is fantastic. Their music is also available on bandcamp. Click here for a link to their bandcamp for MUSIC!

Brilliant Colors - Jangly and dreamy pop rock music - Makes you feel like dancing around and eating delicious candy - They are on tour with Veronica Falls right now, and they made a real nice cassette tape together, which they are selling at their shows. Click here for a link to Brilliant Colors’ website.



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